The Gdańsk IP Law Summer School 2018 is an exquisite opportunity to acquire broader knowledge of the most exciting IP Law issues arising in the Creative Sectors.

The programme, held between 27 – 30 th of June, delivered by the Keynote Speakers, from a variety of international Institutions, will satisfy our urge to broaden our IP horizons, within the beautiful Tricity surroundings.

The topics we will touch upon are copyright, patent, trademark, know – how and design law,  exploring the intricacies of the challenges related to constantly developing new technologies sector, with a specific focus on Blockchain technology.

We will be lucky to attend a series of lectures on IP in the Creative Industries in a nutshell, which stems from the course designed uniquely for the Queen Mary University of London.

The programme of the IP Law Summer School Gdańsk 2018 shall consist of lectures, as well as workshops, case studies and discussions. Finally, we are hoping to continue the exciting conversations during the Social Programme, outside the University premises, which we see as a perfect opportunity to integrate the international IP law Community while sightseeing, or over a glass of wine in exciting venues.

All IP Law Summer School graduates will be awarded a certificate of participation, after successfully completing the programme.

The Certificate will be granted together by the University of Gdansk and Chicago – Kent College School of Law.

The minimum requirement to obtain the certificate is attendance and active participation in the minimum of 85% of the programme.

The programme is designed to serve the needs of the young IP professionals, both from legal and non-legal backgrounds, students, academics and whoever wishes to deepen their knowledge of the IP law.